Mesh Fabric and Netting Fabric
Mesh Fabric

Mesh Fabric

Also Netting, Vinyl Coated Mesh, and Military Grade Mesh

Mesh and Netting, these names mostly refer to the same type of textiles depending on hole size

There are many different varieties and mesh sizes, of Mesh & Netting. Knitted, Woven, vinyl coated mesh are just a few of the different types of mesh & netting. The difference between mesh and netting are a matter of opinion. Generally speaking though mesh has a hole size of under 9mm and most people would consider netting to be mesh with a hole size larger than 9 or 10mm.

Mesh & Netting can also be made from vinyl filaments, or coated with vinyl after it is woven or knitted instead of being simply a textile fiber like Nylon, Polypropylene or Polyester.
The filaments used to weave or knit the mesh or netting can be coated before or after they are woven or knitted into the mesh. There are also many types of military mesh & netting

When used to make Custom Vinyl Mesh tarps or vinyl sunscreens, Vinyl mesh can be welded (Heat Sealed) but for higher durability it is recommended to reinforce the welds with webbing, usually polypropylene webbing is used for this purpose. In any case, welded vinyl mesh must be hemmed and reinforced on the edges with webbing. Brass Grommets are the standard way to reinforce tie down ropes or cords in tarps and sunscreens & windscreens made from vinyl coated mesh.

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